Massage Therapy Equals A Healthy Habit for Summer

Massage Therapy = A Healthy Habit for Summer

The American Massage Therapy Association recently published suggestions for creating healthy habits for the summer. It’s a great time to take advantage of the longer days and integrate life affirming habits into your routine. AMTA has three main suggestions for this summer: spend more time outdoors being physically active; turn to fresh produce at your local farmers’ market; and schedule a massage to keep your body feeling its best.

Staying healthy and active outdoors is easier with increased sunshine and warmer temperatures. Hit the trails for long hikes or simply head outside after dinner for a neighborhood walk. Swimming laps at the community pool is another great option. Summer is also a time to find the freshest produce at your local farmers’ market. You can stock up on healthy, colorful salads for the week and sweet fruits for healthy desserts. And don’t forget rewarding your body: schedule a massage. Massage therapy will help reduce muscle tension, decrease body swelling, and even help enhance athletic performance. It can be a miracle stress and pain reliever!

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