Massage Therapy: Fills the Gap

Massage Therapy: Fills the Gap

Population growth and the expansion of insurance due to health care reform will be major contributing factors to the shortage of primary care physicians over the coming decade. According to the Manhattan Institute for Policy research, that shortage is predicted to be about 30,000 U.S. practicing physicians. Rise in chronic conditions, demand for pain relief, and overuse of pharmaceuticals and prescription medications are also some of the main reasons for this trend, as well as the baby boomer population.

The number of older adults has swelled in recent years reaching unprecedented levels and many of these seniors live with chronic pain. Roughly 70 percent of all patient visits to the emergency department are attributed to pain, yet fewer than half of these patients report receiving adequate pain relief. This disconnect has helped to encourage a national rise in more affordable, drug-free options for short and long-term pain—which includes massage therapy.

The Soma Institute in Chicago has long been a committed leader in the field of massage therapy education and the alternative healing arts. Promoting innovation and excellence in massage therapy is at the core of their Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma Program. Soma trains students from around the world in this highly specialized modality of both treatment and evaluation of soft tissue dysfunction through manual manipulation.

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