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Massage Therapy for Athletes

Massage Therapy for Athletes

Whether it’s biking to work, playing tennis, or simply throwing on the trainers and hitting the pavement, participation in exercise has surged with the Chicago Marathon fast approaching. In anticipation of the big race, Soma makes the argument for incorporating massage therapy into your training regimen.

For anyone engaged in physical training, deep tissue massage can be key to injury prevention. By stretching out the fascia and manipulating over-worked muscles, massage therapy can ease tightness and help reduce pain and discomfort while aiding in recovery time. These days, sports massage accounts for nearly 40% of treatments used by athletes in preparation of big events—or just everyday training.

And you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit. Massage therapy is a growing trend for those involved in upping their exercise regimens. Awareness of your body is key to injury prevention and regular massage can help. So, if you’re interested in options for those of us wanting to step-it-up and lead healthier, more active lives, include sports massage therapy in your routine. You will notice the benefits!