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Massage Therapy for Drug Treatment

Massage Therapy for Drug Treatment

Massage Therapy: Therapeutic for Drug Addicts

On the other side of the planet, drug addicts are fighting their disease with alternative methods of care—proving to be quite effective. According to a recent article by China Exclusive, many rehabilitation programs in the country are weaning addicts off drugs through supplementary medication and therapies like acupuncture and massage.

Used as an adjunct treatment, massage therapy can speed the release of toxins from the body and reduce some of the side effects of withdrawal like pain and anxiety. In addition, patients attending regular massage sessions proved to have a better chance of recovery after treatment.

According to Zhao Yaodong, a university professor specializing in traditional Chinese medicine, "We have seen encouraging results from the massage therapy, which appears to make the detox process easier and more effective. Withdrawal symptoms abate as they proceed through rehabilitation programs."