Massage Therapy: A Great Gift

Massage Therapy: A Great Gift Consider a healthy approach to your gift-giving plan this holiday season with Massage Therapy gift certificates. Besides fitting perfectly as a stocking stuffer, massage gift-cards offer a multitude of health benefits to their receivers. According the American Massage Therapy Association, massage therapy can produce a variety of health benefits, including aiding in pain management, stress relief, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and much more.
While those scented candles and lotions collect dust on the shelf, why not give your loved ones something they can really use—and benefit from! Or, if you know any aspiring massage therapists, perhaps you can encourage them to investigate their dream-career further by visiting The Soma Institute’s website for more information.
The Soma Institute offers a comprehensive 11 & 15-month Clinical Massage Therapy Program which prepares students for a profession as a massage practitioner. For those interested in health and wellness, a career in massage therapy could be the perfect fit. Learn more about Soma’s programs by calling 1.800.694.5314.