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Massage Therapy in Hospitals

Massage Therapy in Hospitals

With the rise in popularity of complementary and alternative medical practices, as well as cutbacks for health-related funding, there is a tremendous growth in the demand for massage therapy. One setting that has seen a surge in massage therapy hiring is in hospitals. It is being used for many of the same reasons people seek out massage in customary settings: stress reduction, anxiety, and relief from a huge variety of physical ailments.

The baby boomers have had one of the largest impacts on the health care system. As they age, they are taking significant interest in remaining active and healthy—often forgoing many of the customary and traditional treatments and opting for more alternative treatments such as massage therapy. This population of people has created a big demand for complementary medical programs in the hospital environment. The American Hospital Association reported that 70 percent of boomers have used some form of alternative or complementary health related option.

For decades, The Soma Institute in Chicago has been a leader in the healing arts profession and clinical massage therapy education. Besides treatment of soft tissue through manual manipulation, clinical massage therapy develops, maintains, and augments the physical function of the client. If you’ve ever considered a career in massage therapy, give The Soma Institute a call today to find out more. Where you end up in your career has a lot to do with where you start! Call Soma at 1.800.694.5314.