Massage Therapy for Olympians

Massage Therapy for Olympians

An Olympic speed-skating champion touts massage therapy as a key ingredient in her training regimen. Bonnie Blair, one of the most decorated Olympians of all time, explained to AMTA that injury is a part of training for an elite athlete. “Getting hurt usually would happen away from the ice, during dryland training,” Blair said. It was during these times of injury that massage therapy proved most beneficial. Hardcore training often caused her legs to be in knots, and massage therapy was the best remedy to alleviate muscle injury or tissue knots. Blair credits getting massages at least three times a week when preparing for Olympic competition.

Massage therapy isn’t just for gold medal athletes. It is a beneficial practice for anyone putting their body through rigorous physical training—or anyone who wants to improve their body’s health and blood flow. The Soma Institute in Chicago offers the Clinical Massage Therapy program for aspiring massage therapists. Led by massage professionals with years of experience, Soma’s classes are interactive and guide students through the proper elements of massage practice, including bodywork, hydrotherapy, and sports massage.

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