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Mayo Clinic: Massage’s Many Benefits

Mayo Clinic: Massage’s Many Benefits

There are many benefits of massage therapy. As a complementary or alternative component to healthcare, it can be a powerful tool to increase health and wellness, as well as to treat a wide range of medical conditions.

According to recent reports released by the Mayo Clinic, massage therapy can be an effective treatment for reducing pain, stress, and muscle tension. Other areas where massage is being studied as an effective treatment include anxiety, fibromyalgia, headaches, and digestive disorders.

Massage is defined as a general description for rubbing, pressing and manipulation of skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons, and ranges from light to deeper pressure. Some modalities include Swedish massage, deep-tissue massage, sports massage, and trigger point massage.

As the benefits of massage therapy continue to be discovered, it is practiced in more and more settings. Today it is performed in hospitals, corporate businesses, healthcare clinics, private practices, and even airports. Besides the health benefits of massage therapy, it is also an enjoyable experience because it produces feelings of comfort, care, and physical well-being. Call Soma at 1.800.694.5314 to learn more.