The Medical Community Supports Health & Wellness Coaching

The Medical Community Supports Health & Wellness Coach

Personalized coaching has recently provided the healthcare community a holistic approach to preventative medical care. Besides being more interactive than traditional medical appointments with doctors, coaching can provide more intense support to their clients. Personalized coaching helps patients integrate medication information and healthy lifestyle choices. For clients who often feel lost in the healthcare community and forced to be their own advocate, a health coach can offer the support and guidance they need to make it through difficult health situations or decisions.

The Soma Institute in Chicago, IL is at the forefront of this growing career phenomena. The medical community says health & wellness coaching increasingly plays an important role in the industry. Soma will give you the support you need to launch a successful career in an industry you care about. According to Hewitt Associates, 67% of American companies either have or plan to have coaching or prevention programs to help boost worker health.

If you’ve been thinking about a career in helping others and being part of the solution, now is the time to investigate this growing job in the healthcare community. You can become a qualified health and wellness coach and treat your clients with a variety of strategies for life-affirming actions. Give us a call at 1-800-694-5314
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