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MLD Massage

MLD Massage

The lymphatic system plays an important role in the body’s immune system—protecting against disease, infection, and other health conditions. Many in the medical field have recommended a technique called manual lymphatic drainage, or MLD, to help relieve the symptoms associated with lymphatic disorders, specifically edema and lymphedema. These conditions can occur after a serious injury, post surgery, or after other forms of orthopedic trauma.

MLD has become increasingly popular in treating these conditions because it can eliminate the need for other medical interventions, particularly narcotics or surgery. It is a massage technique that manually encourages the movement of lymph fluid in the body by purposefully pushing or manipulating the skin to increase lymph fluid flow through the body. The benefits include reducing inflammation and preventing more serious conditions.

MLD is only one of many forms of massage therapy practiced today. As we learn more and more about the body, the medical community continues to tout the major benefits various forms of massage therapy can have on treating illnesses—naturally.

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