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Navigate the Game of Life

Navigate the Game of Life

Finding a balance between traditional and alternative health care is the growing philosophy of many in the medical field these days. Medical professionals increasingly recognize the beneficial role that a holistic approach can have in the healthcare community. For those interested in the field of healthcare, yet not necessarily in a physician’s degree, health and wellness coaching is becoming a popular career choice.

Working with people; interest in healthcare; and being part of the solution—these are all attributes of a successful health and wellness coach. The Soma Institute in Chicago offers a hands-on training program designed to train its students to become qualified health and wellness coaches.

Training includes strategies for coaching clients with health problems; motivational techniques; disease prevention; chronic disease management; health habits for weight loss, and much more.
Soma is more than just earning a certificate—it’s about getting a career you love. After graduation, Soma is dedicated to supporting graduates throughout their career, offering the guidance they need to build a successful coaching practice.

Help people flourish in all dimensions of their life. Call The Soma Institute today to find out more about the Health & Wellness Coaching program at 1-800-694-5314.