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No Higher Education Needed

No Higher Education Needed

A popular website, Simply Hired, is profiling job opportunities for those without a college degree. Whether you have a family to support or you prefer not to spend years in school, a bachelor’s degree isn’t for everyone. Thanks to Simply Hired there are many people with only a high school diploma that are getting connected with rewarding career options.

One of these includes massage therapy. Besides traditional massage settings like spas & resorts, there are now many more options for therapeutic massage therapists to find employment. Almost half of massage therapists are self-employed these days—either traveling to client’s homes or offices, or opening their own practices. There are also massage positions open at sports teams, chiropractic offices, medical clinics, fitness centers, and more.

If you’ve considered a career in massage therapy, now—more than ever—is the time to take that first step. Give the Some Institute a call to find out about your future as a clinical massage therapist. Call an Admissions Representative at 1.800.694.5314