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Pain Perception & Management

Pain Perception & Management

Traditional treatments for pain do not always adequately address a patient’s need – and sometimes these treatments can create additional problems such as drug dependency. New evidence points to complementary approaches to pain management as being just as effective in alleviating patients’ pain. Scientists at the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health are looking at how factors like emotion, environment and genetics play a role in processing pain. In addition, how addressing pain with non-drug treatments such as yoga, meditation, and massage therapy are becoming just as effective.

As the medical community recognizes the dangers of opioid treatment as a cure-all, they are increasingly turning to these recommended drug-free strategies. Researchers predict the future will redefine practices for pain management—and complementary practices will include a variety of techniques including massage therapy. Ideally, integrating the medical community with the alternative care community may prove to be the best approach to pain management in the future. There is extensive data that many people living with pain find success with these alternative approaches.

The Soma Institute has long been at the forefront of the alternative treatment philosophy and a leader in massage therapy education. Soma offers a Clinical Massage Therapy diploma—one if its kind in the U.S. Students from all backgrounds come together to train in the healing arts profession. With exciting internship programs, students have the opportunity to work in Soma’s on-campus clinic under the guidance of faculty supervisors.

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