5 Hidden Benefits of a Good Massage 5 Hidden Benefits of a Good Massage

Besides the fact that a deep tissue massage feels good, it can also benefit the body in many long-lasting ways. The Soma Institute would like to share’s recently released five hidden benefits of massage therapy. Enjoy!

  1. Loosen tight muscles: If your muscles are over-worked or under-utilized, a deep massage can provide the loosening and movement needed, helping to break up knots in muscles and improve muscle performance.
  2. Stimulate the lymphatic system: Lymphatic massage improves metabolism, removes toxins, and promotes a healthy immune system. This gentle massage can also help with sports injuries or illnesses.
  3. Reduce stress and tension:An expert massage therapist can work wonders on tension headaches, shoulder aches and pains, and other various ailments that build-up in the body.
  4. Improve circulation: Research has long touted the benefits of massage for the body’s circulatory system. Massage can improve vascular function and blood flow, increasing mobility and wellness.
  5. Healing after surgery: Another often overlooked benefit to massage, is healing the body post-surgery. Strategic therapeutic massage can alleviate pain, allowing your body to heal better and faster. Also consider massage for post-injury—to loosen muscles and jumpstart healing.

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