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Scheduled Self-Care

Scheduled Self-Care

Most people spend much of their time caring for others: whether it’s their families, their jobs and coworkers, or their homes and pets. How much time do these same people set aside for self-care? Medical professionals agree that scheduled self-care is a huge component of keeping oneself healthy and happy.

People who are over-scheduled and over-worked often manifest stress in their bodies. This can take the form of lower back pain, sleep problems, or chronic headaches. Massage therapy is one of the best natural remedies for these conditions. Massage can alleviate pain, improve flexibility, and even release endorphins—nature’s anti-depressant. By integrating regular massage into your scheduled self-care routine, you can avoid years of unnecessary pain. Therapists can work special areas to help flush out the toxins in the body that are causing the pain.

Massage therapy has also been used to relieve depression and anxiety, increasing feelings of happiness. As a result, many of these patients find themselves getting improved sleep. As the medical community increasingly embraces alternatives to traditional narcotic care, massage therapy is becoming common place in hospitals everywhere.

If you’re interested in healthcare and how the body works, massage therapy may be a profession for you. Consider exploring this trending career by visiting The Soma Institute. Soma provides practical real-world experience and support to help students become health service providers. Explore our programs today at or give us a call at 1-800-694-5314 to speak to a Soma Admissions Representative. Soma can help you achieve your goals!