Self-care Techniques for Massage Therapists

Self-Care Techniques

Besides the mental strain of running a business and career, massage therapists are also faced with the physical stress from the job. Creating and maintaining a self-care plan should be priority-number-one if you want to continue practicing your career for years to come.  Reducing stress and committing to self-care can improve sleep, promote digestion, and reduce high blood pressure—making you more balanced and better able to care for your clients.

Not only will you maintain your health and wellness, self-care will also attract and retain business. Injuring yourself on the job or physical exhaustion could take a huge toll on your business.  If you take care of your health and mental wellness, career success should follow.

Below are some Self-Care Tips for any massage therapist looking to improve their life & their career!

  • Healthy eating, limiting sugar & alcohol
  • Meditating or praying
  • Don’t just give massage, make time to receive massage
  • Physical exercise
  • Vacations & time off
  • Time spent with family or relaxing with an enjoyed hobby
  • Getting enough sleep!

The Soma Institute in Chicago supports all of its students and graduates to integrate self-care techniques into their daily lives.  As a trained Massage Therapist, you can use your skills to help treat illness and injury, to rehabilitate injuries, and to improve the overall health of your clients.  If you’re interested in learning more about The Soma Institute, please give an Admissions Representative a call at 1-800-694-5314.  Your future is waiting for you!