The Healing Power of Touch

Healing Power of Touch

In a recent study, over a third of the people said they were not touched enough in their romantic relationship. These same people rated touch as very or extremely important to them. With this data, The Touch Initiative survey proclaimed ‘a touch crisis in America.’ This may seem like an overreaction but not according to Dr. Justin Garcia, a research scientist at The Kinsey Institute.

This crisis, Dr. Garcia says, is one of the leading factors to deteriorating relationships, depression, and stress. Touch should be considered as nonverbal communication—an integral part of maintaining healthy relationships.

It’s amazing to think that the antidote to a stressful day or relationship problems could be right at our fingertips: massage. Touch is an intimate way to channel feel-good energy through our bodies and between two people.

In addition, a world renowned relationship therapist, Dr. Laura Berman, suggests that touch actually has the power to boost our health. “The more cuddling and physical connection, the better for your health, including stress levels and the immune system,” Berman told Medical Daily. So, this begs the question, Are you being touched enough?