Therapeutic Sports Massage

Therapeutic Sports Massage

Just like deep tissue massage, therapeutic sports massage focuses on treating the soft tissue and the areas most associated with aches and pains related to recreational activities. This type of massage can significantly reduce muscle stiffness, improving heart rate and blood pressure. For athletes who want to prepare their bodies for optimal performance, sports massage can make the critical difference.

From professional tennis players & golfers – to avid runners & gym buffs, therapeutic sports massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injured tendons and muscles—and prepares all athletes for training and recovery. But you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage. For those who experience chronic pain or restricted range of motion associated with an injury, this type of massage can also decrease these symptoms.

At the Soma Institute in Chicago, students from all backgrounds come together to train in the healing arts profession. The only U.S. school that offers a diploma in Clinical Massage Therapy, The Soma Institute believes in massage with a purpose and gives their students the experience they need to succeed in the real world. With exciting internship programs, students have the opportunity to work in Soma’s on-campus clinic under the guidance of faculty supervisors.

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