Tips for Going Back to School

Tips for Going Back to School

If you find yourself contemplating a career change, you’re not alone.  A career that seemed like a good fit in your 20s or 30s may no longer be inspiring or challenging.  That’s okay. If you feel despondent or apathetic in your current job setting, now might be the time to venture into a new field.

For most mid-life career-changers, their dream to get out from behind the desk and embark on a new career usually involves having to go back to school (or go to school for the first time).  Either way, jumping into a new career and enrolling in a specialized program can feel daunting!

If you’re serious about embarking on a new career and considering enrolling in a specialized program to make your dream a reality, you may want to take all factors into consideration.  Here are a couple things to keep in mind….

Know your motivations

Do you really want a career change or are you just in a slump at your current job?  Try to dig deep and determine if this is really a dream or just a momentary lapse in motivation.

Be realistic about your ability to commit

Based on your current responsibilities in your professional and personal life, will you be able to spare the necessary money and time to complete your educational program?  Maybe researching into financial aid options is a good place to start.

Be Humble

Before jumping into a new career, there will be a lot of work ahead of you.  Even though you may have been more established and comfortable in your current job, you’ll have to pay your dues as you work your way into a new profession.  You may have to take a salary cut for a while until you’re able to work your way up.

Do your Research

Before jumping into any new career, make sure you know what you're getting into.  Research as much as you can about your new career: potential earnings, cost of education, financial aid options, etc.  If you ultimately decide it’s the right choice for you, commit to it fully and with an open mind!

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