The Top Health Care Support Jobs: Massage Therapy

The Top Health Care Support Jobs: Massage Therapy

For those looking for a career helping others, massage therapy is a promising option. According to U.S. News and World Report, the career of massage therapy is the number five best healthcare support job in 2018. Some of the factors the report considered in compiling their data include:

  • Growth:
    Massage therapy demand is quickly growing with employment opportunities predicted to increase by 24% between 2016 and 2026—providing therapists with multiple income earning opportunities.
  • Independence:
    The career offers greater independence and control in scheduling; private practitioners can be their own boss and work full or part time.
  • Rewarding:
    The American Massage Therapy Association reported that a common sentiment shared by massage therapists is the feeling that they have found the work they love. It is considered a rewarding career—allowing its practitioners to help people in a meaningful way.
  • Clients' Appreciation:
    Studies on massage therapy report that massage increases levels of serotonin and dopamine by approximately 30%-- boosting clients’ sense of well-being and happiness. Besides improving clients’ mood, massage therapy increases relaxation, decreases pain, and helps improve overall health.
  • Career Options:
    There are many settings to choose from as a massage therapist. Some of the options include athletic teams, wellness centers, corporate offices, healthcare spas, and others.

As massage therapy increasingly becomes a viable alternative to some health-related treatments, the profession continues to grow in demand. If you are interested in healthcare and want a rewarding career helping others, massage therapy may be the profession for you. Consider exploring this career by calling The Soma Institute today at 1.800.694.5314.

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