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7 Self-Care Strategies for Massage Therapists

7 Self-Care Strategies for Massage Therapists

One for All and All for One

from the AMTA

Like other health care providers, massage therapists are often guilty of burning the candle at both ends. Between packed schedules, caring for clients and an overzealous desire to build a stronger career, sometimes even the smallest reprieve is mistaken as slacking off. In fact, Jim Binion, a massage therapist based in Winona, Minnesota, says it’s the opposite.

“Ignore any part of your self-care, and there’s a domino effect,” he explains. “Poor nutrition leads to stress, which leads to poor sleep, which leads to exhaustion and eventually career burnout.” Fortunately, Binion adds, the domino effect can work in reverse. “Our body is always regenerating cells. Take care of your mind and body today, and in seven years you might feel 10 years younger instead of seven years older.”

Registered nurse and Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based massage therapist Charlene Crumley agrees. “Self-care is cumulative; it’s a lifestyle that builds lifelong health.”

What also has cumulative powers? Stress! Massage therapists know how chronic stress affects health conditions and diseases. Now a recent study suggests a link between long-term stress and pessimism. Since this is the first study of its kind to link perceived stress and a gloomy outlook, further research is necessary. However, if the connection proves true, this could be a powerful career-buster. Imagine saying, “That kink in your back is a bummer, and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

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