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Category Archives: Clinical Massage Therapy

Watching Lives Change

By Joan Hannant, Founder & CEO of The Soma Institute If you’ve read any of my blogs or been around me for any period of time, you’ve probably heard me say it before; I love watching people change their lives for the better. Their stories are powerful and almost always inspiring. It’s why I love…
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Strategies for Good Sleep

By Monique Costello, Soma Health and Wellness Program Instructor Sleep is getting a lot of attention lately. As a Health and Wellness Coach, part of me thinks this is great. Another part of me wonders why it took so long! Sleep has always been a critical part of keeping our bodies healthy, and it’s something…
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How it All Started

By Joan Hannant, Founder & CEO of The Soma Institute For many of our students, graduation is right around the corner. In a matter of days, we’ll be hosting a ceremony that will be attended by students, friends and family. These are special times where they look back on the hard work they’ve accomplished and…
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Recipes for Health and Wellness

By Katie Tafel, Health and Wellness Coaching Program Director Our Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. There are so many aspects of a person’s life impacting their overall well-being, and a big factor is nutrition. Our instructors will tell you many of the clients they coach have…
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The Hope Helping Brings

By Joan Hannant, Founder & CEO of The Soma Institute You know what feels good? Helping other people. For years, I’ve known this is part of the draw for students that come to The Soma Institute. They all have a desire to help others. And I’ve seen how helping other people uplifts our students. It’s…
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