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Clinical Massage School

Clinical Massage School

Clinical Massage School

Have you ever considered a career in Clinical Massage Therapy? The Soma Institute in Chicago, Illinois is renowned for its cutting edge Massage Therapy curriculum. We train our students to be the best in their profession and give them the skills to launch a successful and thriving Massage Therapy practice.

As many people turn to alternative methods of care these days, Massage Therapy School is more popular than ever. If you’ve considered working in this emerging field, now is the time. The Soma Institute is offering an 11 and 15 month Clinical Massage Therapy program designed to prepare you for a rewarding and successful career in massage therapy.

We tailor our programs to fit your busy schedules with day and evening class options. We have an 11-month daytime program and a 15-month evening & Saturday program. Choose what works best for your schedule.

Soma’s courses are taught by qualified professionals and certified massage therapists dedicated to providing an exceptional curriculum to our students. Our expert instructors offer hands-on training and teach students in many areas of massage, including: hydrotherapy, sports massage, and more.  Many of our graduates go on to careers in doctors’ offices, fitness centers, and private practices.

As a massage therapist, you will be in the position of using natural methods to help others. You will learn all the skills needed to launch a career working in a variety of venues, including: doctors’ offices, private practice, or spas & health clubs.

If you’re ready to follow your dream and enroll in Massage Therapy School, call The Soma Institute and speak to an Admissions Representative at 1-800-694-5314. Now is the time!