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Medical Massage Therapy Success Story

Medical Massage Therapy Success Story

Massage Therapy: A Success Story

“Like many African-American women and girls, I struggled with obesity, leading a lifestyle of physical inactivity and poor nutrition. Inspired by my mother at an early age, I distanced myself from many peer influences and had the wherewithal to affect real change by embracing healthier habits that have become my life’s passion and profession.”

Nina Cherie, PhD - Soma Graduate

Dr. Nina Cherie Franklin is a proud graduate of The Soma Institute, Class of 2004. She is a researcher, educator, and advocate for lifestyle medicine with over 15 years of experience in the fields of health, fitness, and nutrition. Dr. Franklin realized that she wanted to contribute more to her field of interest. She had a huge appreciation for exercise as a science and the reality of what a healthy lifestyle can do for an individual.

If you have also thought about a career in Massage Therapy, the Soma Institute in Chicago, Illinois is offering a specialized course in Clinical Massage Therapy. Take advantage of this opportunity to advance your career and follow your dream to help athletes everywhere.

Massage combines a variety of stretching exercises and massage techniques to enhance athletes’ performance. Athletic trainers today believe that massage therapy can give their athletes an edge in their endurance activities. The Soma Institute’s expert teachers guide students through many aspects of massage therapy, including therapeutic sports massage, injury treatment & prevention techniques, and myofascial release & therapy.

If you are interested in learning more about Clinical Massage Therapy, contact The Soma Institute today. Please give an Admissions Representative a call at 1-800-694-5314.

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