Massage For Better Sleep

Massage For Better Sleep

A Good Night’s Sleep
Trouble getting a good night’s sleep during the holiday season? From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, many people complain of later nights, more stress, and less sleep. One way to combat the effects of sleep problems in winter months is through massage therapy. Massage Therapy has been found to assist with resetting our bodies’ clocks, which in turn improves sleep.

Sleep problems can lead to substance abuse, depression, or low work performance—negatively affecting a person’s quality of life. As recent studies point towards massage therapy as a beneficial and natural treatment, The Soma Institute is dedicated to being part of the solution.

The Soma Institute in Chicago, Illinois offers a Clinical Massage Therapy program designed to train students in the major methods of massage therapy, including: hydrotherapy, bodywork, and sports massage. With an 11 and 15-month program, we offer weekend and nighttime classes in order to cater to our students’ busy lifestyles.

If you’re interested in a career promoting the health and wellness of others, and are looking for a rewarding career that fits your lifestyle, Clinical Massage Therapy could be the right fit for you.  To speak to an Admissions Representative, give us a call at 1-800-694-5314.

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