Aline Silberg

346_aline_silbergUpon leaving Soma Aline initially began practicing at a fitness center in the Chicago loop and at a chiropractic office. In 2010, she opened her own massage therapy business U Be Well 2 located at Clybourn and Racine and has continued to practice with the chiropractor as her business grows.

I asked Aline about what she felt the main advantage of going to Soma has been and she told me the following, “The name Soma is well known and getting the Master Program has been very beneficial to me. People have been very impressed with the fact that I initially graduated from a 750 hour program and that I followed that up with an additional 300 hours of training in the Master Program. The techniques learned in courses such as Oriental Medicine and Ayurveda Head Massage in the Master Program have been a great addition to my client offerings.

When asked about what she enjoys about her clinical massage career Aline answered, “Seeing people improve their wellness and the fact that I have the ability to make them aware of the methods to improve their overall wellbeing has been very rewarding and gratifying to me. I recently saw a client that I had met with a year ago and given some tips about how to improve their posture. I remarked at how good they looked and they told me that they had listened to my suggestions and based on what I told them were able to improve their posture and day to day general health.

I talked to Aline about some of the obstacles she had come across and she said, “It has been challenging finding the correct mix between providing the best massage for my client while also working toward developing a consistent plan for follow-up appointments. With improved follow-up I will be better able to get clients to come back to me on a regular basis when they have a need for my services. This is something I am getting much better at and have to continue to make sure I focus enough time and energy in this area”.