Amy Starcevic


“Soma has given me the foundation to build the most incredible career I could have ever imagined for myself."

Brief Bio:

After her externship at Kindred Hospital, Amy yearned to work with special population clients again. It’s something that she felt extremely passionate about. Many patients only experience the touch of metal instruments and needles, never a compassionate touch and Amy was delighted to have been given an opportunity to volunteer at a local hospital doing therapeutic massage.

If Soma hadn't exposed her to Kindred Hospital, she feels that her passion for working with special populations might never have been awoken. She has always had a pure intention to help others and finds that this is the perfect way for her to express herself.

She also finds working in a Chiropractic office to be very fulfilling. She enjoys being part of the treatment plan development while also being able to help the doctor achieve his goals with his patients. Amy has found Massage therapy to be perfect for her, as has allowed her to work in bodywork and also in a clinical setting.

In Her Words:

“I positively love the office I work in. I work with the most amazing chiropractor in Chicago. Like me, he is 100% dedicated to optimum health and wellness. My favorite modality is deep tissue massage, I love understanding anatomy and helping people to feel better, I love the flexibility of my schedule, I have fantastic clients....the list goes on and on. There’s pretty much nothing I don't absolutely love about my career. I’m confident I have the best job in the universe.”

Challenges at Soma:

"At times the coursework was challenging but I worked hard, not only because I wanted good grades, but because I found it fascinating and I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could. I have found Soma’s clinically based agenda perfect for working in conjunction with a chiropractor.”

Career obstacles since graduation:

"I was hired immediately after I graduated and I’ve been working full time ever since. Nothing ever stands in my way when I look to accomplish my goals.”