Andrew Valaitis


“I like the fact that there are many different options in how you can apply massage into making a living. I like being able to work with people one-on-one and actually help them live with more ease and less pain. I love doing massage!"

In His Words:

“Soma provided me with very specific, thorough training. I find myself very confident in my knowledge base when I meet other therapists. This has allowed me to develop clientele and the freedom to work when I want. So much so that soon after graduating from Soma I decided to take a chance and opened EVOLVE SPA in New Buffalo Michigan. I’m very excited to see how the next few years unfold.”

"It’s fun and exciting and I meet some very interesting people. I definitely want to do more in this field, but for now I feel I’ve got a great fundamental knowledge to get started.”

Career Obstacles:

“There are tons of obstacles. One which I still struggle with now is developing clientele and working steadily instead of working in spurts. Basically, when you’re slow you have to get exposure, when trying to develop clientele you have to do free massage. I am constantly self-marketing everywhere I go. I do free chair massage for different community organizations and at community events. In the end if people see you in the community and realize you’re a capable therapist you will slowly develop a steady strong clientele.”