Bruce Groeper


“Soma rounded out my education and gave me a full picture of what I wanted to do with massage. My time there really ignited my passion for helping people."

Brief Bio:

After leaving Soma, Bruce worked at a number of places including spas and chiropractors.He also worked at the McCormick Center doing corporate chair massage. He finally found his niche after launching his own business at Oak Street Beach offering massage to the public during the summer months. He has been featured on location television and in magazine articles as well as the Chicago Tribune.

In His Words:

"I love meeting people. This is made much easier when you are in the position to help them. Because of this they are never sorry to see you.”

Career Obstacles:

“One of the larger obstacles I had to overcome was the fact I was a male therapist. This can be overcome by simply providing good service and doing good work. I think finding your niche is also an important step to overcome -- once you do that going to work is a pleasure.”