Dylon Zicchino


How has Soma helped your career?

The Soma Institute has helped my career by providing me with a wide range of knowledge as a student massage therapist. Having touched upon a plethora of subject matter throughout the curriculum it allowed me to better understand which path in particular I would prefer to pursue within the world of massage therapy. There are countless approaches to massage, as everything in life is subjective, and knowing which one supports your strengths will provide longevity in this quite literally physical career. What Soma did was 'open the door,' and left me with the freedom to choose how far I would like to take it.

What have you enjoyed about your career?

As a massage therapist I must say I enjoy the people I have met who are curious about what is happening within their own bodies the most. A majority of the time, clients come to us because they know the benefits, however, once in a while we are awarded a chance to show someone more reluctant to the holistic style of healing that it truly has its benefits. We have the ability to help others in need, slowly aiding their equilibrium back to a state of balance, and making their bodies function more fluidly once again. It's beautiful when you see the change you inspire within someone else.