Kevin Mulhall

Kevin_Mulhall.jpgKevin has worked primarily in a chiropractic setting since leaving Soma and this has been an excellent forum in his pursuit of treating clients with clinical issues. He had one client visit the office suffering from ‘trigger thumb’ caused by the repetitive stress of working on computers for long periods of time. She had, in the past, taken cortisone shots for the problem. Kevin looked it up on the internet and found that a massage protocol existed which helped treat this condition. After a few weeks of treatment the client found that the pain was subsiding and Kevin hopes that over time he can help to keep the pain from recurring as often.

Kevin and I discussed what Soma had done for him had he told me, “It has actually enlightened me having come from a completely different career in my earlier life. My time at Soma has motivated me to further my level of education in the health services area. I am thinking of moving toward a chiropractic career and coupling what I learned at Soma with that discipline. While I was at Soma, Dr. Dowell really helped to increase my interest in this field and Mike Jones taught me to always continue to learn after leaving school.”

When we talked about the things he liked best about his new career Kevin said, “There is freedom with this career as I can work for someone else and still have the ability to develop a private practice. It is very different from Corporate America as you do not have such a structured hierarchy and success is reflected in numbers only. In this field the medical professionals you work with are on a more equal platform and you work as partners in the treatment of the client. There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not see progress in the pain that my clients are experiencing and that is how success is quantified. The numbers that show success in this career measure increased range of motion or decreased level of pain. I find this to be far more rewarding than just meeting numbers on a spreadsheet.”

We then went over some of his career obstacles and the following was mentioned, “The first obstacle is educating people what you can and cannot do. The things that takes the most time is building your private clientele but once that has been done it can offer great results.”