Kimberly Nelson


Since leaving Soma, Kimberly has worked in a Massage Clinic setting and at this time has also built her Private Practice to the point where she is starting to become very comfortable. At the clinic and also with her private clients, there is one particular issue that has come up time and time again. Kimberly finds that many of the clients she treats that are driving a lot have an issue with pain in their lower back and into their glutes. Initially the clients were telling her that they thought that it was a sciatica issue but Kimberly was able to figure out that it was in fact, an issue with the piriformis muscle. After treating this she was able to successfully develop a treatment plan which took care of the pain and assisted the client in getting back to their day-to-day activity. This is only one example of the many ways Kimberly has been able to utilize her clinical training.

I talked to Kimberly about what she thought had been the most important thing her education at Soma had done for her, “Soma has done a tremendous amount for me. My Clinical Massage training has allowed me to do what I love. Being able to practice massage is a great opportunity for me and has been the perfect addition to my esthetics training.”

We then went over what she liked best about her Clinical Massage career and Kimberly said, “Being able to give either a treatment for general relaxation or one aimed at a more therapeutic result to the general public. Some clients come in only needing to be relaxed and others come in with specific problems. I love the fact that I am able to assist either request. Training there has also given me the ability to perform chair massage for Rape Crisis Counselors which is the main reason I got into massage…to assist rape survivors in their recovery process and the wonderful people that help.”

I asked her if she had to overcome any obstacles during her career and Kimberly replied with the following, “Yes, I did. My confidence coming out of school was not yet at a high level. Since then, I have developed the confidence to take what I learned at Soma and use that knowledge knowing that I can be of assistance to my client. As I treated more and more clients, my confidence level continued to grow. I now have the confidence to work on any issues that come my way.”