Kristy Acosta


“Being a massage therapist for Professional Poker Players is a tough but rewarding career. Had it not been for the top education and relationships built during my time at The Soma Institute, this venture would have been very difficult for me. One must have complete confidence in their massage capabilities in order to stand strong in a room full of poker players that are trained to read people and their body language. Soma has given this to me and I am reaping the rewards.

I have learned to tune into the client’s body and offer relaxation and pain relief in chaotic and tense situations. Challenging as it is, I enjoy every minute of it. I enjoy hearing my clients tell me that I helped relieve their pain. I enjoy seeing the results of a great massage in action, knowing that your client can now last longer in a game that requires much patience. Last but not least, I love being able to be a part of a team of therapist who care about each other and have passion for the field of massage therapy.”