Soma has helped my career by giving me the confidence to do well in the field and know that I had the proper training to do so. Having the confidence in my work is what I found to be the most helpful since I started in the field, and has gotten me where I am now. The Career Services Office offered me the contact at The Canyon Ranch Spa Club, at The Venitian/Palazzo in Las Vegas. It is one of the top rated Spas here and as far as I know in the country at its many locations. It’s very intimidating to work in such an environment, but I am so blessed to have gotten the opportunity. Since Canyon Ranch knew that I came from Soma, I believe it helped tremendously in getting me the job I have now and for my future success as a therapist.

This career allows me to help people in ways not everybody can. I stand apart from your average therapist. I am able to feel the anatomy of the human body with my hands, identify muscles, and actually know a treatment to help heal the problem, instead of masking the pain. I love knowing I made a difference in someone’s day by just the touch of my hands. Someone allowing you to get so personal with their body is the best compliment anybody could ever give you and I wouldn't change that for anything.

I work in a very formal spa, which makes challenges consist of understanding boundaries. This could include being so excited to see or work on a celebrity but keeping that confidentiality, or knowing to keep professional and personal relationships separate. Remembering all I learned in Professional Development keeps my head where it needs to be!