Rebecca Logan


Rebecca began her career working at a chiropractic office and while at school was working at therapeutic pre-school. At the center Rebecca has been able to integrate her clinical massage training in order to benefit the children. She took continuing education courses with the Liddle Kidz Foundation in pediatric and infant massage and became an infant massage instructor. In 2010 she joined Liddle Kidz in an outreach trip to Vietnam where they visited a number of child care centers and taught their caregivers infant and pediatric techniques to help them assist children with special needs.The scope of pathologies treated included Autism, Cerebral Palsy, neurological disorders caused by Agent Orange exposure and Down’s syndrome.This was a great experience for Rebecca as she knows that she was not only able to help these children while on the trip but knows that the caregivers they taught will be able to continue to help them long afterwards.

I asked Rebecca what she thought Soma had done for her and she said, “Soma opened my eyes to the possibilities of a career in clinical massage. They made me aware of the many different treatment opportunities that are out there and I was able to choose the one that best fit me.”

We then talked about the thing she liked best about her career and Rebecca told me the following, “I really like the direction clinical massage is taking me and I am now becoming aware of the many different ways that massage can affect others. The ability to branch out into many new areas of learning has made it possible for me to help a wider population of clients.”

Rebecca then talked a little about some of the obstacles she has come across, “I do not know if it was an obstacle but the fact that I may come across something new every day has caused me to make sure my brain is always keyed so I can be ready to take on anything that comes my way.”