Ruby Botello


Ruby Botello:

“Soma has helped my career by giving me the tools and resources that a successful therapist needs to grow their career and really stand out from the rest. Because of all the clinical knowledge taught at Soma, Being a Soma Graduate gave me the skills that I needed to fully understand the human body. Taking classes like anatomy palpation, kinesiology and focusing on the clinical aspects of massage gave me the confidence to be able to apply in any and every field of massage not just spas, including hospitals, alongside chiropractors and other clinical environments. It was up to me to decide where I was going to take my career because I was not limited. The opportunities are endless by going to a clinical massage therapy school like Soma.

What I have enjoyed most about my career is the control I have over how much money I want to make. Being a massage therapist is like being an entrepreneur. I can use my own knowledge and skills to effectively perform and customize my clients’ session and deliver quality results that my client is able to see immediately by the way they feel and helping improve their lifestyle as well. I grow my career one client at a time. It is so rewarding to hear a grateful appreciation from my clients because I have used my own hands to improve the well being of another human being. That is priceless. I know everyone in this earth has the same ability to do that for others. My passion is massage therapy, healing, and inspiring others to find their passion and not to be scared to go out there and apply it. The rewards are infinitely greater than never trying at all.

The number one challenge I had to overcome during my career was to change my mindset from an employee to an entrepreneur mindset. In order to be successful as a therapist you have to take the initiative to grow your career. You should not just rely on your employer to provide for you because you can starve that way. It was hard to understand this at first but it is up to the therapist to promote the benefits of massage therapy with everyone. You don't have to use the sales approach but by really caring about others by being genuinely interested in their health and wellness. If you believe in the power of touch and the benefits that massage therapy has for the lives of others then you will thrive as a therapist. I have had to stick it out working for employers because it is wise to build your career with a company. You can’t build a successful career by jumping from place to place because that's not a smart way to retain clients. Find a company that you want to become a part of, that matches your interest and that you agree with their mission, vision and philosophy. It takes time to build your practice but be patient because the rewards are well worth it.”