Sarah Ward


"I thank Soma for giving me the knowledge and skill to help my clients-- and the confidence to search for answers outside that knowledge base to assist them.”

Brief Bio:

After graduating from Soma, Sarah was hired by Sona Bella Salon & Spa. She was given the flexibility to tailor her treatments according to each client’s individual needs rather than just pulling treatments from a fixed menu. Her clients began to show improvements in their conditions. They began to look at Sarah as not just a massage therapist but a clinical practitioner; her treatments went from being a luxury to an integral part of the recovery process.

In Her Words:

"Soma has opened up so many doors for me. I can educate people to the extent that I get their trust. Soma has given me the confidence to approach people who do not have insurance coverage for massage but know that Clinical Massage can be the answer to relieving their pain instead of prescribed pills or other invasive treatments."

“I love meeting clients that have been held back by their condition for a long period of time. There was one client I treated who was thrilled that I had helped give her the ability to once again bend over and pick up her grandchildren. I am making a difference in all of my clients' lives and that gives me great satisfaction.”

Career Obstacles:

“I had a client come to me suffering from a condition that I knew nothing about. She was very patient with me while I researched her condition hoping to find ways that I could help either using Clinical Massage or with some simple adjustments to her day-to-day activity. After talking to her about my findings and making suggestions she took this information back to her doctor who then called me and provided a release form as he agreed with the protocols I had come up with. She was able to go from receiving treatments once a week to the point where I only see her occasionally if her condition flares up.”