Sports Massage Certificate

Sports Massage Therapy Certification

The scope of sports massage is broad, from rehabilitation to flexibility. Sports massage is a field of massage therapy that plays an important role in addressing orthopedic and movement issues in athletes. It deals with treating the soft muscle tissues, allowing the massage therapist to reduce inflammation, promote recovery, and make a real difference in the client's performance and recovery.

The Soma Institute offers students the chance to obtain a Sports Massage Certificate of Achievement in Chicago, in addition to their Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma. To earn a Sports Massage Certificate of Achievement, students will need to meet the following educational requirements at the time of graduation:

  1. Students must have 100% attendance in their CMTP class, and have an overall grade of 70% or higher in CMTP.
  2. Students must have 100% attendance at the Chicago Marathon.
  3. Students must have 100% attendance during their Supervised Clinic Course, which includes clinics at Loyola University’s Athletic Training Facility.

Note: Any student who misses a class in CMTP, or Supervised Clinic, for any reason other than an approved leave of absence, will not be eligible to make up the attendance and will not be eligible to receive a Sports Massage Certificate of Achievement. The sports massage program provides specialized training, hands-on experience, and networking opportunities, making graduates highly sought-after in the sports massage therapy field. Apply today to get your Sports Massage Therapy Certification in Chicago.  

Why the Soma Institute Stands Out

If you want to have a career in massage therapy, applying to schools that can help further your aspirations and match your goals is vital. Our massage therapy school offers help to launch a successful career in the Chicago axis and nationwide.

  1. Even after graduation, SOMA provides Personalized career advice and guidance and Lifetime course-auditing privileges to keep you at the forefront of the profession.
  2. We are one of the few schools in the country providing diplomas for clinical massage therapy, which prepares you adequately for a career and connects you with affiliated hospitals and sports massage opportunities with pro athletes.
  3. They have a flexible class schedule that fits the needs of busy adult learners, from daytime programs to evening and weekend programs.

Are you interested in a career in sports massage therapy? Having the right launchpad to propel you is the best thing to have. Apply today at The Soma Institute and begin your journey to becoming a certified sports massage therapist.


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