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Category Archives: Clinical Massage Therapy

Pregnancy Massage Training

Pregnancy Massage Training If you’re looking to enhance your massage therapy practice, it’s time to add Pregnancy Massage Therapy training to your repertoire. The Soma Institute in Chicago, Illinois is offering a specialized course covering Pregnancy Massage and Women’s Health. The class discusses the physiology, anatomy, and pathologies of the female reproductive system, as well…
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Pregnancy Massage And Womens Health

Thanks to the hard work of many professionals before you, people are finally moving out of the mindset of massage as a luxury. And thanks to clinically trained therapists like yourself, more and more are seeking massage for pain relief due to injury or chronic illness. There exists, however, a whole lot of middle ground…
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Medicine Massage Therapist

Day in the Life of a Integrative Medicine Massage Therapist Massage Magazine recently profiled UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine’s full-time massage therapist, Marcia Degelman. Integrative medicine addresses patients from a whole-person perspective, rather than individual, separate parts. Cancer patients, trauma survivors, and even infants in the intensive care unit have all benefited from Integrative…
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Sports Massage and Mental Focus

Sports Massage: Focusing on The Task At Hand There are many theories as to why athletes seem to have improved performances and faster recovery times after receiving massage. Unfortunately we’re still lacking in evidence. Nobody really knows the physical mechanisms that occur when we lay hands on an athlete. Are we improving their circulation, allowing…
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Careers in Massage Therapy

Future of Massage Therapy Massage therapists use touch to treat their clients’ bodies, manipulating soft-tissue to relieve pain, improve circulation, increase relaxation, rehabilitate injuries, and aid in the overall wellness of their clients. Although it was originally considered a luxury for wealthier clients, massage therapy has more recently evolved into the mainstream and is increasingly…
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